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About Us

Ultim8Health was established shortly after the pandemic ended. There was a great demand for clients to have health tests as they couldn’t get access for tests or results. Ultim8Health is personal to me as I experienced a tragic loss of my husband 2.5 years ago. I quickly realised that if he was provided with health tests he would have still been alive today this is where this business is personal to me and is in my late husbands memory. To provide my clients with the best up to date testing and diagnostics so that we can help to promote healthy long lives. It is this reason I work tirelessly to help others.

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Our Purpose

At Ultim8Health, we've redefined healthcare with a mission to put your well-being first. Tired of waiting weeks for answers? So are we. Our modern clinic is designed for speed, efficiency, and accuracy, ensuring you receive comprehensive health screening results within just 48 hours. We believe that timely information is vital for making informed decisions about your health. With us, you no longer have to endure long waits, uncertainty, or unnecessary stress. Welcome to a new era of healthcare – where fast results and your peace of mind are our top priorities.


Get in touch with us today and take the first step towards a healthier you.

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